"The song Feng Qiu Huang by Sima Xiaru in the Han Dynasty not only shows the author's ardent affection for Zhuo Wenjun, but also describes incisively and vividly how many men and women have been complaining about love since ancient times. Therefore, the words are meaningful, spread through the ages, and make people enjoy a long memory. Known as the "king of all birds", phoenix has been an important element of Chinese culture since ancient times, symbolizing auspiciousness and harmony. It is not a phoenix tree but not a tree. The male is called "feng" and the female is called "Huang". A recent earphone product named "Huang", although the price is not expensive, but with materials fastidious, well-designed, full of Chinese elements, and from the sound performance aspect can also be said to be filar in button, smooth and obedient, your long listening is not tired, is a worthy of attention in the low price value boutique. While SIVGA may not be familiar to many Chinese fans, Sendyaudio is sure to hit the spot. As a headphone brand that has rapidly become popular in recent years, Sendyaudio has only a few products under its brand, including M1221 ring iron earplugs, Aiya flat diaphragm earplugs and Aiva flat diaphragm earphones. However, with its impressive wooden case, comfortable wearing sense and excellent sound quality, Sendyaudio has won numerous praises and hot discussions in the circle. I also wrote a review of Aiva headphones that impressed me so deeply and so well that it is still one of the listening headphones I use regularly. In fact, the team behind Sendyaudio was now SIVGA (Sretribuga), with a change of brands due to marketing operations. SIVGA, in effect, the brand has a history for many years, the product is more in the international market sales, be regarded as "flower wall wall", and the brand's backroom team is more strong, deep ploughing in the field of headphone OEM/ODM ten years, not only to a large number of internationally renowned headphone brand had "forgotten", but also understand the headset every link in the chain of production, so when you develop your own products, will have a natural advantage."